What triggers a slot machine to hit?

What triggers a slot machine

Many are convinced that in a gaming session on slots, wins are completely random, but in fact, such a process has some logic. Gaming machines contain specific algorithms that exist to determine when exactly a will be formed a winning combination. The outcome of these algorithms is influenced by a number of game factors, among them the probability of falling out the necessary for the player symbols on the reels. Also, affects the current state of the game machine and the amount of the bet made. Thanks to these factors and additional complex calculations, it is determined when and in what amount of winnings will hit the player.

How slot machines work

If you want to know, what initiates a win on a slot machine, initially it is necessary to understand a little thanks to what slot machines work and how they are organized from the inside.

The basis of each slot is drummed with images and symbols. When the player presses a button or lever, the reels rotate and after a period of time, stop on random symbols. This random outcome is determined by the software that is inside the machine, it is called random number generator (RNG). It is thanks to this algorithm that players are guaranteed random results and fair winnings.

Difference between cryptocurrency slot machines and traditional ones

Cryptocurrency slot machines have a difference from traditional ones and also have additional conveniences for players. The main advantage of cryptocurrency machines is the presence of blockchain technology, which provides fast transactions and convenient payments. Also, players have access to high anonymity, a wide range of crypto coins, and bonus offers.

Another major advantage of crypto slot machines, is transparent algorithms, provable honesty, and open source.

What causes a slot machine to pay out

The payouts of a slot machine are affected by many things. One of the most important factors that players need to pay attention to when choosing a slot is RTP (Return to Player). The purpose of this coefficient indicate to players the percentage of return to the player in the long term. Thus, if the RTP percentage is high, the probability of winning is higher. In addition, there are volatility factors. Based on this, you can understand how often and in what amount the player will be paid. Slots that have low volatility pay out often but in small amounts. High volatility does exactly the opposite.

House Edge when choosing a slot machine

The term House Edge refers to how much of an advantage the casino has. That is why if you want to win more often now and in the long run, look for a gaming machine with a lower House Edge coefficient.

Formula for calculating winnings and paybacks

When you understand what formula to use to calculate your winnings, it will be easier to navigate the gameplay and realize how profitable it is to spend your time playing a particular slot. The formula includes RTP, House Edge, as well as the size of your bet and the number of spins. Let's look at an illustrative example.

Let's take a slot with an RTP of 96% and House Edge of 4%. So with each spin, the casino takes 4% of your bet and the rest is returned to you in the form of winnings. Let's say your bet was $1, then for 100 spins you will spend $100. Given a House Edge of 4%, the gaming platform will take $4 out of every $100.

Further, given an RTP of 96%, your expected winnings are $96 for every $100 spent on bets. Therefore, with these calculations, your losses will be $4 on 100 bets of $1.

Thus, knowing the odds of your chosen slot, you can easily calculate your winnings and losses.

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