What happens when you win a jackpot at the casino?

What happens when you win a jackpot

Everyone's dream while playing casino games is to win big, hit the jackpot, and bankrupt the casino! When it comes to such big wins, we really have in our minds life-changing sums. Sometimes, big wins seem like something unrealistic, on par with fairy tales, but still, some players do get lucky at the casino. Let's understand what happens if you win 100k while gambling at the casino. We will talk about both online winnings and land-based casino gaming halls. What awaits us in the first minutes after winning the jackpot and how to behave?

What happens when you achieve a 100k prize at the casino

Initially, let's touch on the topic of online entertainment and crypto casino games. Winning on an online site has some differences with land-based halls, as a minimum you can not physically touch your money, and the process of getting it will be carried out by completely different methods, not as in land-based classic casinos.

Technical check immediately after winning

The first thing what happens when you secure a 100k win in the casino online is a technical check of your slot or other game. This is done by the developers or suppliers of online entertainment. Also, if you play at a cryptocurrency casino rather than a traditional site, Provably Fair can be used as an additional check. Such technical verification is used in order to eliminate the factors of rigging the results, even though it is considered impossible in crypto casinos.

Personalized post-jackpot verification

This check is not found in every casino. Often you can face personal verification in traditional online casinos, where you will be asked for your personal documents. In crypto casinos, a high level of anonymity prevails, so there is no need to check your personal documents. But keep in mind that you can always be contacted by the support service and request user identification, although such cases in crypto casinos are rare.

Payout of winning funds

After successfully passing all checks, the following, what transpires if you win 100k while playing at the casino, is the payment of your winnings to bank cards, in the case of online casinos. Or to a crypto wallet address, in case you win on cryptocurrency sites.

Jackpot payout directly

The fastest option to get the deserved payout is when the developer of the slot or other gambling game pays you directly. Thus, you get the full amount without problems and delays. This applies to both bank transfers and cryptocurrency transactions.

Payment of the winning amount through the casino

The second option to receive your winning amount is when the developer first passes the jackpot to the casino where you played, and already the casino site pays the winnings to you. However, this method has its own significant disadvantage and it is faced by many players on a large number of gaming sites.

The fact is that casino sites, whether traditional or cryptocurrency gambling platforms have restrictions on deposits and withdrawals. Depending on the site, these restrictions differ by amount, as well as by days, weeks, and months. Because of this, the withdrawal of the jackpot to your personal account may take several months or even a year.

For example, you have won $100,000 and the withdrawal limits are $20,000 per month. Thus, it will take you 5 months to get the full amount of the jackpot.

Biggest winnings in history

If you are not wondering what unfolds when you secure a 100k victory in casino games, for the reason that you do not believe in luck and big wins, here are clear examples of how lucky players managed to beat gaming devices and win real jackpots.

Jackpot on Mega Moolah from Microgaming developers

The biggest jackpot belongs to a player from Belgium, he managed to win an incredible amount of 19 and a half million euros on Mega Moolah!

The second largest jackpot belongs to an anonymous player, he managed to get 18.9 million euros, also on Mega Moolah.

Winning on Mega Fortune from NetEnt

This slot is the second most popular slot after Mega Moolah. But it is no worse and also has its own jackpot record.

A student from Finland managed to attract his luck and win as much as 17.8 million euros in Mega Fortune!

Final thoughts

Now you are motivated to hit the jackpot on your account because you know what takes place when you score a 100k win in the casino. Approach the game responsibly start with small bets and competently set your own limits of your bankroll. In this case, you will be able to win attractive amounts with minimal losses!

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