The Pros and Cons of Playing at Provably Fair Crypto Casinos

The Pros and Cons of Playing at Provably Fair

Every year our world is becoming more and more progressive, and against this background, Bitcoin and various other cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity. And thanks to the popularity of crypto, online casinos are actively introducing crypto transactions, bitcoin banking, and blockchain technology.

Based on modern blockchain technology, provable fair casinos began their existence. The essence of these provable casinos is fair gaming, the results of which you can always check in person and ensure that the casino is not cheating. 

Online casinos are interested in this technology and offer transparent games because reputation and good work, in the long run, are far more critical than easy dishonest profiteering. Unfortunately, it is still possible to get caught by cheaters. And to keep you safe and show you reliability, reputable crypto casinos are trying to integrate the technology of provable honesty into their platforms and avoid mishaps with fake games.

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The main feature of provably fair casinos is to verify the honesty of each of your bets and provide guarantees that the casino is not cheating on you. Casinos aim for maximum credibility and transparency by providing players with the tools to verify game results for themselves.

Smart contract platforms such as Ethereum and Tron play an important role in ensuring provably fair gaming. They use software code that regulates game processes and final results. This code cannot be changed. This means that game results are not available for manipulation by any casino employee and are completely unbiased.

This ensures provable honesty and allows players to enjoy the games without a single thought or worry about the possibility of fraud. Openness on the part of the casino to its players becomes a fundamental principle of provable casinos, thus attracting players who value honesty and integrity.

Are all Bitcoin casinos honest?

If a casino can gamble on cryptocurrency, it does not mean the casino is completely transparent. It's worth distinguishing between traditional Bitcoin casinos and provably honest casinos. The differences between them are not so great, but they still exist. 

Traditional crypto casinos use RNG (random number generation) and to prove that the game is not rigged, the casino must contact an independent auditor and pass certain tests, which are then confirmed by a certificate or license. 

In a provably honest crypto casino, everything is much easier and every player can request the results anytime by himself and get a unique encrypted key, which stores the results of the game, which you haven't even finished yet. And at the end of the game, you will get another key, which is then used to decrypt your results. Proven fairness cannot be influenced, so this solution is more trustworthy than the MSG in traditional Bitcoin casinos.

Positive aspects of provably fair casinos

To conclude that traditional casinos are not as trustworthy and transparent as those with proven integrity, it's worth taking a look at the advantages that players will encounter when playing at fair platforms.

Among the pluses you will encounter are:

  • Self-checking your bets and gameplay at any time
  • No need for third-party checks and audits
  • A lot of similar elements to the traditional casinos for true amateurs
  • RTP rates are often higher than in traditional casinos
  • Transparent and honest gaming

Many users are accustomed to traditional casinos, so the fact that there are many similarities between the two types of casinos is considered to be a huge plus. These elements include bonuses, loyalty programs, beloved games, and more. So switching from traditional casinos to provably honest ones, you won't lose anything, but rather step up to meet new technology, reliability, and security.

Negative aspects of provably honest casinos. No matter how good the casino platform was, the disadvantages are always there. Although they are not numerous and the positive aspects still tip the scales in their favor, in any case, you should familiarize yourself with them.

Among the cons at sites provably fair casinos you may encounter:

  • Games are not as spectacular in terms of graphics and atmosphere, have a simpler interface, and sometimes look outdated
  • Cryptocurrency depends on the exchange rate and is subject to fluctuations

The second minus - is a rather controversial question, because for someone it is really a serious problem, and someone uses the fluctuations in their interests and gets more benefits from this. So whether to consider it a minus depends only on you and what your approach to the gaming process on gambling platforms is.

The Choice is Yours

If you value fairness and transparency in games and like to control the game, then casinos with verifiable fairness are definitely your choice. But if visuals, graphics, atmosphere, and special effects are important to you, then you should wait and stay with traditional casinos. Eventually, provable casinos will reach the level of beautiful and interesting games, but so far there aren't too many of them. 

In case you're choosing a traditional crypto casino, pay attention to the license and the authority of the casino.

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