The Legality of Crypto Gambling: A Global Perspective

Every Internet user at least once came across casino advertising banners and would like to play, to feel what gambling is and what emotions it can bring. But it is always necessary to take into account the laws of the country or state where you are.

The government of different jurisdictions has different attitude to gambling. Somewhere they are completely legal, somewhere they are strictly forbidden or have restrictions.

Gambling in Europe

There are certain regulators in European countries, which are engaged in legalizing crypto casinos and issuing them licenses, thanks to them, casinos can conduct their activities completely legally. For example, a popular jurisdiction for online and crypto gambling is Malta. Here there is the Malta Gambling Commission, and in addition to it, there is also the Malta Service for the Licensing and Regulation of Gambling Operators. Cryptocurrency casinos, which have received a license from the Malta Commission, have the full right to operate in Europe. 

Other European countries have their own laws and regulations regarding gambling. Crypto casinos in such countries must adhere to certain requirements and possess specific licenses in order to provide their services unhindered. Such countries include Germany, Spain, the UK, Italy, and Sweden. And they have their own licensing bodies, which are engaged in the regulation of online casinos.

At the same time, France completely bans casinos in its territory. And the Netherlands can provide a license and permit for traditional casinos, but the country does not recognize cryptocurrency gambling.

Crypto casinos in North America

When it comes to North America, you need to know that crypto casinos are regulated differently and differ from country to country. In the US, the legalization of casinos is regulated at the level of each state separately. Just like in Canada, some regions allow crypto casinos, while others prohibit any kind of gambling. So, being in North America, you need to know the laws of your state or province so that you can safely play casino games and not break the law.

Gambling in Asia

In Asian countries, crypto casinos are not licensed everywhere. If we talk about the Philippines, it is considered to be an active country in terms of gambling and it also deals with casino licensing. This country has a special license and if a casino gets it, it can safely conduct its activities in and out of the country. 

Another popular place where crypto casinos are legal in Cambodia. Here there is a governmental body responsible for the legalization and regulation of casinos. By obtaining a license from The Ministry of Economy and Finance, the casino is allowed to operate legally. 

At one time, Japan could grant a license for online casinos, both traditional and cryptocurrency casinos. But at the moment, Japan is just getting on the path of legal casinos and the regulatory process is underway. The relevant authorities are actively working on drafting the necessary rules and regulations regarding casinos. 

A mixed approach to crypto casinos is also present in India. So far, gambling has restrictions, but there are no exact federal laws for crypto casinos in the country. Certain states can put up their own laws and regulations regarding casinos.

In China, the issue of gambling is completely prohibited at the legislative level. Casinos are banned in any form, whether it is a traditional online casino or crypto gambling. China takes the issue of gambling so seriously that you can even be punished for violating the legal prohibitions.

Gambling in other regions

In other countries around the world, crypto casinos may be allowed or be subject to restrictions and bans. Sometimes, there is a position in countries where casinos are present, but only tourists can play in them. So if you are traveling to a certain country and would like to play a little casino there, find out beforehand what the country has to do with gambling and whether it is forbidden.

Prospects for casino legalization

Legalizing crypto casinos on a global level is not an easy process that takes a lot of time and effort, but if countries do come to allow casinos around the world, there are some positive aspects that await players.

  1. The evolution of regulation. With the understanding of blockchain and its technology, casino regulation could reach a new level and gambling laws could be revised. 
  2. Economic benefits. Cryptocurrency has fast transactions and low fees. States can have their own benefit from cryptocurrency, such as tax collection.
  3. Player protection. Regulators can require casinos to follow some sort of rules on a global level to ensure fair play and high-security standards. 
  4. Global standards. Creating uniform rules for crypto casinos around the world can prevent illegal transactions, stabilize casinos, and achieve a uniform consensus on the issue of regulation.

Even though global legalization takes time and some regions will have to completely change their attitude towards gambling, we can still hope that someday it will happen and the world will have uniform rules for casinos. This would be a positive solution for both the players and the government.

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