The Dark Side of Crypto Gambling: How to Avoid Scams

When there is such an abundance of crypto casinos on the Internet, when thousands of sites beckon you with advertisements and bonus offers, it is very difficult to resist and not try to play at least once.

But not for everyone such a gaming experience can be a positive one. And it's not that you won't be able to win because luck wasn't on your side today, but the fact that a lot of these sites with advertising banners can be scams.

Types of Fraud in crypto casinos

Under the guise of a pretty picture and lucrative bonuses may be hiding a fraudulent casino site. And on such sites, you may encounter one or even several types of fraud at once. Before figuring out how to protect yourself from scammers and not fall into their dirty hands, you should first familiarize yourself with the types of scams.

Fake Games

Even in cryptocurrency casinos, where players hope for transparency and fair bets, there are unfair games. Casinos pull such tricks with quite old games because it's easier and there is no technology like provable fairness. But as you know a lot of people like old games because they retain a very special atmosphere.

The problem with these games is the rigging of the winnings. Initially, you seem to win, you get involved in the process and you get the impression that you can win even more, but the falsification does its job and you lose everything in two accounts.

No payout of winnings

This type of scam is very close to rigged games because the casino cannot be 100% sure that you will lose everything. You can stop at any time and a good amount will remain in your account. Fraudulent casinos can't allow that. And the help comes in the denial of payment scheme.

You apply for a payout, the funds leave your account and now there can be two developments. 

  1. You are expecting that a nice sum of money is about to drop on your account, but in fact, the money has been redirected to the wallets of the owners of a fraudulent casino, and your account is eventually blocked or frozen, and the support service simply does not answer you.
  2. After requesting the withdrawal passes a specified time, the funds should already be in your account, but they are still not. You apply to customer support, which at first messes with your head for a long time, and eventually you are told about the paragraph in the rules of the casino, which you have allegedly violated, and now the casino in the right to refuse payment.

Funding your account

The easiest way to fool you would be to steal your deposit. Then the developers do not even need to bother with working games and other tricks on the site. They use a ready-made casino template, and everything looks nice and believable, but the deposit section is set up in a very unfavorable way for you. 

When you deposit funds, they may immediately be redirected to the wallets of scammers, not your casino account. Or, you will still see the cryptocurrency on your casino account, but suddenly it will be frozen or blocked.

Identity fraud

A common type of scam all over the Internet that affects not only crypto gambling but any kind of website. Personal data is not just your passport or other documents. They can often sell a database of your name and phone numbers or emails.

Your personal data can be used for anything and the most innocuous are spam mailings and advertising calls.

Don't trust - verify

Now that you are familiar with the basic and most common types of scams on crypto casino sites, you can understand the question of safety and how not to fall into the trap after all. Your attention and observation are very important here

Study what is in front of you

Always start by researching and searching for information. You can protect yourself from losing money by taking just a few minutes. The Internet will help you in this matter because if you want to, you can find anything.

Use forums, specialized sites with articles and user reviews as well as social networks to find out which casino is right in front of you and whether it should be trusted or not. 


Getting a license or any certificate requires financial investments and time. That's why one-day sites or fraudulent casinos will not invest in licensing. Taking some time to study the availability of licenses on the casino site, you can make sure whether the casino in front of you is honest. 

Large sites are licensed by the gaming commission or regulator and will not hide them on the site. You can easily find it, and then make sure that you're looking at a reputable casino.

Don't believe in every bonus.

You often notice casino advertising banners on various sites that scream out for a signup or deposit bonus. Sometimes the offer seems so lucrative that it can cloud your mind, and here you are already depositing your last money on the casino scam site in the hope of getting that bonus. 

But do not be in such a hurry. 

Study what you're offered and what it requires, that is, what are the conditions for obtaining a bonus. Always remember that no one is profitable to give you a huge bonus for minimal effort. Go to several sites of top casinos and see what they offer. Reputable casinos are not interested in screwing their customers for a bonus, so their conditions for getting a bonus will be fair.


Scam and fraud can wait for you everywhere on the Internet, and there's no hiding from it. But you can protect yourself at least a little if you listen to the advice in this article. Do not be afraid to be curious and meticulous, because it will save you money. Play only in verified and top casinos.

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