Reviews of the types of crypto casino bonuses

Casinos are now so popular and have overshadowed the Internet that there is competition among them. Sometimes, even casinos that are focused on the usual fiat currency compete with crypto casinos. And bonus offers, as well as a variety of conditions to them, are just a great solution to attract users and become a step above their competitors. In addition, players will definitely be able to find benefits in using bonuses and get not only pleasant emotions but also good winnings thanks to them.

The promotions that you can find on casino sites are quite varied and it's important not to get confused about them. In order for you not to have difficulty understanding the bonuses, it is worth familiarizing yourself with each option that you can come across.

Welcome offer

When you sign up for an account at the casino, you won't be able to miss out on the welcome bonus. This reward will be the very first for you and is definitely worth your attention. Sometimes the bonus is given all at once, and sometimes the casino divides it into several parts.

To understand which bonus you got on the casino site, carefully read the terms and conditions, wagering requirements, and time limits. If you make a mistake somewhere and do not meet the conditions, the bonus may not work. 

Deposit Bonus

Often, this type of bonus is closely related to the welcome offer, because to start playing and getting real emotions, excitement, and good winnings you need to deposit your casino account. 

Deposit bonuses also come in different forms. This may be a one-time promotion only on the first deposit, or a permanent offer to give you the opportunity to make more bets. You can get a percentage of your deposit into your account in the form of bonus money, or a clearly fixed amount of bonus money. Sometimes, the casino may offer a set of free spins as a deposit bonus.

Keep in mind that in 90% of cases, deposit bonuses in cryptocurrency and fiat currency will be different, and most likely, cryptocurrency deposits will be more profitable for you and bring more value in bonuses.

No deposit bonuses 

That's right, there are also bonuses that do not require you to immediately deposit money into your account. But such promotional offers are less common, not in every casino, and carry much more modest prizes. These can be free spins for certain games or general ones. Or a small amount of bonus currency to your account.

But despite such fabulous availability of no deposit bonus, you should still be sure to read the terms and conditions, so that you can easily withdraw to your crypto wallet or bank card the winnings obtained with this type of bonus.  

Free Spins

Often you can get these bonuses when a new slot machine comes out and the casino gives you the opportunity to try it out. This is similar to the demo mode for the game, only in this case you can get real winnings and withdraw them. 

Promotions of this kind are great for beginners because here you don't have to take much risk and bet for real money. No need to make a deposit of large sums. If you get the opportunity to get free spins in the form of a bonus, this is a great opportunity to try your luck and win without strong risks to your finances.

Cashback bonus

This bonus is not very popular but still deserves its place among the top other bonuses. You can get it once or at certain times, for example, it can be once a week or once a month, depending on the policy of the crypto casino. 

The essence of this bonus is to give you back a portion of the amount you've lost, adding you the opportunity to win back or simply increase your bets. The most common place to find such a bonus is in casinos that have their own loyalty program. And by increasing the level, you increase the percentage of cashback you can get.

VIP bonuses and loyalty programs

Most often such offers are found at top casinos. Members of the loyalty program, depending on the level and status may operate a private stock with more favorable conditions. If the casino does not have a loyalty program, then you can meet VIP bonuses for large players.

The higher the number of deposits and bets, the closer you are to the rank of a high roller.


Using bonuses, especially if you are a newcomer to the world of gambling, you need to be very careful. Be sure to read the terms of each bonus, see how much should be wagered to get a real profit from the bonus, what is required from you in addition, as well as the duration of the bonus.

There are permanent and temporary bonuses that must be fulfilled before they expire. Be vigilant and luck will be on your side!

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