Is trading just gambling?

trading just gambling

Is cryptocurrency investment equal to playing in a casino

Cryptocurrency casinos at this period of time are at the peak of their popularity, attracting a huge number of players from all over the world. The same happens with trading on exchanges, the influx of users does not stop, everyone is interested in making money.

Trading and gambling entertainment are compared for a reason. It is necessary to invest a certain amount of money in casinos and crypto in order to get more money at the expense of it in the future. But still, is cryptocurrency essentially gambling?

Differences between cryptocurrency investment and crypto gambling entertainment

There are definitely similarities in these two areas, and thanks to them a lot of people think that trading is the same casino where not everyone is lucky. However, let's understand the most important differences between long-term investments and gambling sites to find out can cryptocurrency investments be considered gambling.

Long-term investing and trading

When it comes to investing your finances, the safer and more reliable option is to invest for the long term. In this way, there is a prospect for good earnings and the risks are reduced especially if you invest in large crypto coins, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the like, which will not turn out to be a scam in a few months.

On the other hand, this type of investment is not suitable for users who want to quickly earn, and raise at least a few Xs on the coin. In this case, the risks are significantly increased, and there is a sense of excitement, excitement, and a strong desire to recoup investments.

Short-term entertainment and excitement

Casino players are people who are attracted by the possibility of ripping off a huge score in a few hours or sometimes even minutes. At the same time, their gaming session looks bright, and dynamic and will not get bored. Unlike monotonous trading and studying charts, in the casino clients have access to slots, tables, and exclusive crypto casino games. But the risks of losing the invested money are very high, and no one can guarantee a big win, due to random generation. Thus, there is already a reason to think seriously about which option to choose for investment.

Futures = Gambling?

If we consider trading on futures, then the risks may be commensurate with gambling, but again - there are differences. If crypto casinos still reign randomness and casino priority, then in the future it is quite realistic to earn in a short period of time. It is important to start such trading intelligently, to be able to analyze charts, understand signals, take into account market news, and predict where the rate will go. Also, to minimize risks, it is desirable not to trade with high leverage.

Problems that develop in gamblers and crypto traders

Gamblers who spend a lot of time in casinos or on crypto exchanges in constant transactions can develop problems on a psychological level, that is, addictions. This is important to know and realize the seriousness of the problem. Fortunately, such users can be supported and assisted by experts.

Chasing easy profits

In trading, whether it is a large investment for the long term, short-term speculation, or risky futures, users have one goal - to get an easy profit, doing nothing and hoping that the rate will go in the right direction. However, remember that the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and the risks of losing money do not go anywhere. A coin in the long term can lose investors, and capitalization and fall in value. And on futures at a sharp change in the rate you can be liquidated, so do not forget to set Stop Loss and Take Profit.

Thirst to win back losses

A problem faced by a huge number of players in casinos is wagering. No one wants to lose money, so if the jackpot is not lucky, often gamblers are trying to at least go to 0. Unfortunately, it happens that in pursuit of lost finances, players lose even more money. For this reason, casino operators always insist that betting should be allocated a limited budget, and this amount you should not be sorry to lose.

Final Thoughts

Now that the important aspects of cryptocurrency trading and gambling have been revealed, you can draw your own conclusions and answer the question is cryptocurrency trading a form of gambling? Also, now you can easily choose which type of investment is more suitable for you, depending on what goals you are pursuing.

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