How can I be lucky in casino?

lucky in casino

Casino games have been around for many generations and they are all about winning and competition. Whoever is more professional in the game, who is lucky that day, wins. Of course, every player wants luck to always be on his side and help him win big sums. In this article, we will discuss what players believe in and what aspects they adhere to, what good luck rituals for gambling they use.

How to get lucky at casino

Players, in an attempt to get luck and victory, do different things in the casino. Some may seem completely strange, while others have already become a habit that you can do even outside the gameplay without noticing it.

Cross your fingers

The gesture of crossing fingers is ingrained in the lives of each of us. Outside of casino gaming rooms, this gesture can show support for the other person, as well as your confidence in them. On the other hand, you can use this gesture as an additional call of good luck for yourself. Sometimes people cross their fingers when they make a promise, only to then not keep it.

In casinos, crossing fingers is used for additional confidence and hope in oneself, as well as in the outcome of a certain game. That is, to invoke good luck.

Blow into the dice

Another common gesture in casino entertainment is to blow on the dice before rolling. In this way, people endow the dice with luck so that the combination they need falls out. Sometimes other people are asked to blow the dice, which is considered a compliment.

There have been cases when special craftsmen tried to deceive the casino by using a sticky surface that was activated only after blowing on the dice.

Knocking on a wooden surface

Another gesture to attract good luck, which is used not only in crypto casino games, but also outside of gambling. In everyday life, people knock on wood after they have said something negative and do not want their words to work against them. In a casino, a similar gesture works a little differently, as an attraction of good luck before the game. Regardless of what kind of game or slot machine it is, players knock on the wooden table for good luck.

Lucky suit to attract good luck

Many players prefer to use special clothes instead of gestures, and gestures go in addition to clothes or lucky colors.

Items and accessories charged with good luck

Many people believe in the "lucky shirt" and use it not only in casino games but also in job interviews and other important events. Of course, we’re not just talking about a shirt, but any clothing and accessory that has previously brought you good luck.

For example, if you have already won large sums with a luxurious bracelet or ring on your hand, then you should wear these accessories for further gambling entertainment. The same is true with clothes - if you were wearing a lucky jacket or a scarf wrapped around your neck, you could use these things in the future, because many believe that they are charged with good luck.

Red accents

You've definitely heard that the color red is endowed with special powers and attracts good luck. Casino players definitely believe this and use the color red to their advantage. You can be bold and memorable with an all-red suit, or you can have neat, understated accents in your outfit. The main thing is to believe in the power that will bring you good luck at the casino.

Lucky Charms

Talismans as a method of attracting good luck to bring to casino are not suitable for everyone, however, players with rabbit feet or other objects are often encountered. Let's take a closer look at which talismans are considered the most common.

Rabbit's foot

This item is considered lucky in many aspects and extends not only to gaming halls and casino tables. Therefore, if you think that luck is extremely rarely on your side, think about purchasing a paw.
Also, many people are convinced that for maximum luck, the rabbit's foot should be on the left.

Four Leaf Clover

It's no surprise that a four-leaf clover is considered lucky, as it is extremely rare, and if you manage to find one, you are already lucky. A clover with so many leaves symbolizes luck, faith, hope, and love. Therefore, do not part with your four-leaf clover even outside the casino.


Another common talisman that can be seen in many homes or as accessories. Of course, you don’t need to carry a real horseshoe with you. These can be souvenirs, jewelry, and other small items that are convenient to carry or wear. Many people believe that an inverted horseshoe stores good fortune within its U-shape.

The Power of Number 7

You may have repeatedly noticed the number 7 in the casino, as well as outside it. This figure is endowed with power for a reason, and many believe that this is divine power. In our world, 7 is extremely common - 7 days a week, 7 deadly sins, 7 wonders of the world, and so on.

Based on this, if you are still wondering how to get lucky in casino, pay attention to the number 7.


Now that you know the basic rituals and talismans that are used for good luck in the casino, you can try to apply them yourself and see which aspects will bring you maximum luck and the jackpot will be in your pocket! But remember, none of this will work if you don't believe in it. After all, you are what you believe in!

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