Crypto Gambling Regulation: Where Does the Industry Stand?

Crypto Gambling Regulation

Gambling regulations differ all over the world and it is important to take it into consideration when you want to play in a crypto casino. Different approaches to gambling are practiced from country to country, some countries prohibit gambling altogether, while others are regulated by special permits and licenses.

Approaches to regulation

Gambling regulation can be divided into 4 separate points and each country is free to choose which approach to this issue would be beneficial. The process is dynamic, so depending on the situation in the world and in the sphere of gambling, things may change in the countries.

  1. Prohibition

Some countries ban gambling in any form, including cryptocurrency casinos. In such countries, it is common to consider gambling an undesirable form of entertainment that can lead to gambling problems, addiction, and money laundering.

  1. Restrictions and regulation

Other countries are taking steps to regulate cryptocurrency gambling, but without completely banning it. Because of this, restrictions may be placed on betting. Or the government will require casinos to collect customers' personal data and provide it upon request. Also, reporting may be required from time to time. 

  1. Blocking and filtering

Countries with this approach will apply all measures to block access to all undesirable crypto casino sites or will use access filtering. Such is done through technical capabilities or legislative measures.

  1. Licensing

Countries that allow gambling, but the sites that provide the opportunity to play casino games must have special licenses, certificates, and permits. Thus, the government controls gambling and protects players from fraud, fights money laundering, and ensures fair play.

Global regulation of crypto casinos

In the U.S., the attitude towards regulating cryptocurrency gambling is considered the strictest, and regulation is considered at the state level. Some states completely ban crypto gambling and it is possible to get punished by federal agencies for violating this ban.

Other states, on the other hand, may allow crypto casino gaming, but with certain restrictions. The U.S. Gaming Association believes that the use of cryptocurrency does not save the situation and all the problems of gambling, such as fraud and addiction can arise in the same way as in conventional casinos. 

In Europe, the situation is also ambiguous. The European Union countries have a different attitude to crypto gambling. Some prohibit and block them, and some, on the contrary, support licensing and legalizing crypto casinos. The European Union advocates free services within each zone, so casino owners can easily provide their gambling services within the country where the games are not banned.

Asian countries such as South Korea and China oppose cryptocurrency gambling and ban it completely. While the government of Japan considers exactly the opposite and legalizes casinos and regulates them at the level of national legislation.

Malta and Costa Rica

Both of these countries have a positive attitude towards gambling, so many owners register their casinos there. Malta has its own gambling regulatory commission, which monitors compliance with the rules and licenses among casinos. 

Costa Rica, on the other hand, has no regulatory authority for crypto casinos. But it is a good place for the registration of casinos because of its low taxes and free gambling laws. But it is important to consider that due to the lack of a gambling commission, casinos registered in Costa Rica often can not comply with certain requirements and regulations.

Conclusion of the above

As you can understand, everything is very ambiguous regarding countries and gambling. Somewhere the attitude is positive and somewhere it is not. The reasons for the ban on casinos maybe not only because of fraud and the development of gaming addiction but also because some countries do not consider crypto as a serious full-fledged currency.

Most often, this attitude towards cryptocurrency comes from the government's desire to control everything, while crypto acts as something independent and decentralized.

If you have a desire to play crypto casino online, you should first familiarize yourself with the laws and regulations of your country, so that later there will be no problems. Only after that, start playing and receiving bonuses. 

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