Crypto casinos - how to play without KYC

how to play without KYC

Many Internet users are familiar with what the KYC system is and it follows us on many sites in different directions. For example, on cryptocurrency exchanges. Though crypto is considered to be anonymous, and exchanges allow their unverified clients to make financial transactions and transfers, if your account is not verified, most likely you will face restrictions. This applies not only to exchanges, but also to many other sites, exchanges, casinos, and so on.  

Know Your Customer System

The concept of KYC means “Know your customer", that is, providing the site and the company with access to your personal documents and direct deanonymization of your identity.

Of course, many people want to keep their data and not distribute it on the Internet. There may be many reasons for this, for example, everyone knows that many sites store databases with their clients' data on separate servers and if the protection of such servers is not good enough, they can be hacked and user documents can spread over the network, which is not at all positive.

Such drains can end badly for users and in order to avoid this, people try to shine their documents less on the Internet and, in principle, disclose their identity.

Crypto Casinos and KYC

The privacy of each player is very important, which is why there are casinos of the usual type, as well as crypto casinos, where you will not be required to pass verification. At a minimum, the absence of KYC will protect you from the dreary routine.

Verification requires a lot of unnecessary actions from you - to take a clear photo, upload it correctly to the casino website so that it does not exceed the stated megabytes and is not less than the specified resolution.

There are also many more reasons why the document confirmation process may annoy you. You just wanted to withdraw your winnings or start playing. Many casinos prohibit this until your account is verified.

Types of casinos and anonymity

The entire gambling industry can be divided into 4 groups by anonymity, ranging from full dean to maximum secrecy.

Some users believe that if they have chosen a cryptocurrency for financial transactions in a casino, then they will already maintain complete anonymity, but this is a bit wrong. 

  • A completely non-anonymous casino - KYC is required from you immediately after registration and you can't even start playing. 
  • Low anonymity is the case when the casino requires account confirmation only when withdrawing winnings.
  • Anonymous casino - when KYC is requested only in individual cases and is not mandatory for all users, without limiting them in any way.
  • Maximum anonymity - all your actions in the casino are free and can be performed without providing documents, including withdrawal of winnings.

You have the right to choose which category of anonymity is right for you. The main thing is not to violate the security rules on the Internet and not to send your documents to those sites that are not checked in any way and cannot guarantee your privacy. Also, pay attention to the availability of a license at your chosen casino.

The positive aspects of a crypto casino without KYC

Of course, the casino has more than one plus, in comparison with platforms that require verification and KYC. You can highlight a lot of things, but if we talk about the most important aspects, then of course it's your security on the Internet, no bureaucracy.

No information about you is required, except that you enter an email address to have access to your account on the platform. Also, anonymous crypto casinos allow you to conduct faster operations with coins and do not put limits on your deposit or withdrawal of your honestly earned crypto. 

In addition to these advantages, you can add the fact that you can play from any country, and if entry to a certain casino site is prohibited in your country, a VPN service can help you out, because its use is also allowed in anonymous casinos.

Tips on how to preserve anonymity as much as possible

Based on the advantages listed above, you can easily increase your security.

  • Choose a casino with maximum anonymity.
  • Use cryptocurrency wallets for transfers instead of exchanges, for example, such as Metamask, and Trust Wallet. 
  • Turn on a proven VPN service to hide your real location, IP, and provider. And it's even better to buy a proxy because it more reliably supports your anonymity.

If this is not enough for you, you can additionally use special browsers with individual settings.

Top casinos without KYC in 2023

The list of anonymous cryptocurrency casinos includes several sites that support the category of maximum anonymity and do not require KYC from their users and do not restrict players in any way during any actions. 

  • - the platform includes both casinos and sports betting and offers a large selection of cryptocurrencies for deposit. 
  • - the casino has been on the market for a long time and has established itself among users for many years.
  • - a huge selection of coins, sports betting, and a lot of high-quality games from well-known providers of your choice.
  • - in addition to cryptocurrencies, ordinary currency, ultra-fast conclusions and a lot of innovations are also available.

Popular Bonuses in crypto casinos

By analogy with ordinary currency casinos with low anonymity and the requirement to verify your identity, a crypto casino without KYC has many bonuses, which of course differ and are divided into several categories. You can find offers in different casinos that are completely different from each other, which are created in order to interest players.

They are most often found in casinos, as well as bonuses that are aimed at free spins and welcome offers, promotions are considered favorites among players. They are followed by reload bonuses, which players can get when they replenish their account again, as well as various loyalty programs. 

Reasonable use of bonuses will help to increase your bankroll and positively affect the final winnings, so when choosing your favorite anonymous casino without KYC, pay attention to bonuses and conditions for receiving them. 

According to numerous observations, crypto casinos can offer you more profitable promotions compared to regular casinos on the Internet.

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