Crypto Casino Tips and Tricks: Strategies for Maximizing Your Wins

There are a huge number of crypto casinos on the Internet, some are less popular, some are more popular. And in each of these casinos, you can win a good amount of money. And if we believe in statistics and winning history, the big casino jackpots are not a myth.

There are the lucky ones who manage to beat the casinos and enrich their accounts. But what to do when you're not so lucky? Listen to some tips and try to use a gambling strategy and maybe then luck will be on your side. 

Paroli Strategy

Many people have talismans or favorite numbers in their lives and people believe that when such things surround them, they become luckier. This strategy is based on roughly the same beliefs. It is one of the most popular strategies and players use it to increase their chances of winning. 

This strategy should be used in games where the entire game process is based on the GCG (Random Number Generator), it can be slots or roulette.

  1. The first thing to do is to decide on your lucky symbols. It can be a combination of numbers or words, various combinations, dates, or names.
  2. Next, bet on your lucky symbols. For example, there is your symbol "444", then when betting, take this into account and bet on combinations with your numbers. 
  3. Be literate. As with all gambling, you should be responsible with your bankroll and not bet more than you're willing to lose.

Paroli strategy is based on faith in luck and hope for a positive outcome thanks to your lucky charms. Although this strategy does not guarantee you 100% winnings, but not for nothing because for many years it remains popular and it is used by players. So after all, your faith is capable of much.

D'Alembert Strategy

Another strategy that is not forgotten by players and remains one of the most popular. It is also called "balancing" because its essence is to balance your winnings and losses by changing the bet amount after each round.

This strategy is great for 50/50 games, such as red or black.

To use this strategy, you need to set a base bet at the beginning of the game. This can be any amount you are comfortable with. Then, after each round, change the bet. If you win, then reduce the bet amount by 1 unit. If you lose, raise the next bet by 1 unit.  

Let's see how this strategy works with an example.

Let's say you started the game with a base bet of 0.1 ETH. If you lose the first round, your next bet will be 0.2 ETH. If you lose also in the third round, your bet will go up again by 1 unit to 0,3 ETH, and this will continue until you win. When you are lucky to win, the bet will be reduced by 1 unit. This is how you balance losses and wins.

Martingale Strategy

Another popular strategy that is widely used in crypto casinos. It is partially similar to the D'Alembert strategy and is also aimed at balancing your game. Still, there are differences between these strategies.

  1. Set your base bet that is comfortable for you and your bankroll.
  2. If a round is lost, then your next bet is doubled and repeated until you win.
  3. If the round is won, then the next round you return your base bet and start the cycle all over again.

The Martingale strategy is clear

Your base bet is again 0.1 ETH. When you lose, your next bet becomes 0.2 ETH, the next time you lose your bet is 0.4 ETH, then 0.8, and so on. As soon as you win, you set your base bet at 0.1 ETH and start over again until your next win. 

With this strategy, you can not only balance the game but also recover your losses and win a little on top.

In addition to the regular Martingale, players have come up with a reverse Martingale strategy. The essence remains exactly the same, but you double your bet not after you lose, but after you win. In reverse Martingale, it's the other way around.

Tips for maximum winnings and minimum risks

For your strategies to work, and you do not doubt the winnings of the casino, were able to minimize their losses and still come close to the winnings, listen to some tips.

  1. Choose a reliable casino. Then you will be confident in the honesty of the results, in guaranteed payouts in case you win.
  2. Control your bankroll. This is an extremely important tip, thanks to which you will save your money. Set your limits, both minimum and maximum bets. And do not spend more on the casino than you have allocated today. You could lose even more money if you try to "win back".
  3. Before you run the game, familiarize yourself with its rules, bonus offers and pick the right strategy for the game. 
  4. Resort to using the demo modes of the various games. If you want to try out different strategies, a trial balance game is a great choice for you, you will save your real money and get to grips with the game mechanics and strategies. 
  5. Use the casino promotions. Every casino has bonus money, free spins, or welcome offers that will get you closer to winning. So do not forget to use them.

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