Crypto Casino Loyalty Programs: How to Earn Rewards for Your Play

Casino Loyalty Programs

Crypto casinos these days are highly competitive with each other, so having a loyalty program is an attempt to become a step above the competition and lure more players to their platform. But at this rate, many casinos that accept Bitcoin now have loyalty programs or casino clubs. Thanks to this, almost every casino now allows you to play and simultaneously, unnoticed, accumulate points, receive rewards, and even extra money. 

Depending on the casino, you can expect completely different loyalty programs. Somewhere they are more profitable, where they are more modest. But also much will depend on the level of the player. If you like to play the big game, or vice versa make accurate low stakes, you'll still be able to find a loyalty program that will fully cover all your needs.

What is a loyalty program and what is it about

Casino gaming sites allow you to receive additional rewards and bonuses along with your game, all thanks to their loyalty programs. Although all the programs have differences, there are still some common things they have in common. And one of them is to reward you when you show regular activity and constantly play. These rewards may include loyalty points for upgrading, free bonuses, or even certain items. Casinos may also provide risk-free gaming options and other benefits. 

Many casinos want you to be active on a regular basis. That's why the more you play, the more the casino will reward you. If you're a regular player, consistently make deposits and bets, and your casino has a loyalty program, then you've most likely already automatically joined it and you should check to see if you've earned points for rewards. 

Beneficial loyalty programs, especially for cautious players, are those that award you points regardless of the amount you wager, as long as you play the games and bet at all. Then you accumulate points and recoup your bets. For example, 300 points will be equal to 10.000 satoshis, which you can use to make repeated bets. 10.000 "Satoshi" is around $2.7 in BTC $26.900 as of May 2023. But good casinos in their loyalty programs give players the choice of how they want to spend their 300 points or accumulate them further.

Points online crypto casino

Often, the amount of points you can accumulate depends on the category and type of game, as well as the bet amount. For example, slots often give fewer points than table games. So if you want to earn points before you begin to play, you should take the time to research which games will give you the most points, as well as what you can spend your points on, and possibly upgrade your loyalty program in order to receive better offers on rewards in the future.

Some casinos have point limits that you need to cross before you can spend your points or redeem them for cash to re-wager for them. It would be great to familiarize yourself with these limits beforehand, too, and then start playing your crypto casino.

Types of loyalty programs and their benefits.

A loyalty program is a unique way for each casino to further reward its most loyal players and platform guests. Therefore, depending on the casino, you may come across some varieties of reward systems. Among these you may come across:

  • Casino Club.
  • Loyalty program
  • ViP system
  • Refund program (cashback)
  • Store inside the casino

Each program has its own rewards, ascension patterns, and different rules and conditions. Some programs may even limit you in terms of time. For example, if you have raised your level and have not accumulated conditionally 1000 points in the allotted period, your level will be lowered and you will have to start raising it again from the beginning.

Other programs, on the contrary, do not try to drop you from the status level, but only support you with bonuses, for which you need to be active, but the casino will not force you.

Now let's understand what rewards you can expect depending on your program:

  • Conversion bonuses into cash
  • Additional deposit bonuses
  • No deposit or withdrawal fees
  • Increase or remove limits on financial transactions
  • Cashback on lost bets
  • No deposit bonuses
  • Secret personal ViP promotions

Loyalty programs are an extremely beneficial addition to existing crypto casino bonuses. But there are cases when receiving rewards seems difficult and unattainable for players, and the accumulation of points drags on for a long time. This is the case when players play only occasionally and for minimal stakes. For regular players, a rewards system like this is a pleasant luxury.

Do not miss an opportunity

When choosing a casino, check for a loyalty program and be sure to take full advantage of it, if you have one. This will give you a great opportunity to get more rewards just for playing your favorite crypto casino games. 

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