Crypto Casino Jackpots: The Biggest Wins in Digital Gambling

Crypto Casino Jackpots

Casinos have had a huge number of winnings throughout their existence. Lucky players have been drawing jackpots from gambling games since ancient times. The history of winnings starts with land-based casinos and flows smoothly into traditional online casinos. Now, in the modern world, with the advent of crypto casinos, players continue the story of winnings, but in digital currency. 

Let's take a look at the biggest jackpot of all time of crypto gambling existence.

Jackpots in Bitcoin

The very first and largest win in Bitcoin digital redemption was made in 2013. This win belongs to the player Nakowa. He was incredibly lucky, playing Dice, he caught a jackpot of 11,000 BTC. At that time the rate was about $ 120-130, and the total winnings in dollars would be about 1.4 million. And if 11,000 BTC was exchanged at the peak rate, that's incredibly big money. 

Also, in 2013, there was another player named Nickelj who managed to beat the casino. This was with the help of a welcome bonus in the True Sheriff slot from developers Betsoft. Sometime before the end of the bonus round, the player got the opportunity for free spins. And immediately after their use, it was incredibly right to play Max Bet. Thanks to such wise management of bonuses and finances, the player was able to get a jackpot of 55 BTC.

In February 2017, another lucky player was able to make a bet in a video casino. The bet was small, only 0.1 BTC, but thanks to this bet, the player snapped up a jackpot of 259.74 BTC. Bitcoin was skyrocketing in 2017 and literally by the end of the year, the winnings would have been 20 times more profitable if converted all into dollars.

The next big jackpot was also in 2017, thanks to a Play'n Go slot called Troll Hunters. An anonymous bet of 0.16 BTC was made, and the winnings were 216 BTC in just one spin. This is incredible luck and single bets like this are extremely rare in the history of the casino. 

In 2018, a live dealer roulette game won a prize of 53 BTC, at the rate of September of that year it amounted to $340,000 dollars and all thanks to the high betting limits.

May 2020 went down in casino winnings history with a nice amount of 29 BTC on an online slot. In this case, the phrase "beginners are lucky" is perfectly suited, because the player had just joined the casino and this was his first acquaintance with gambling. Just a couple of bets in the slot gave him a lot of money. At the rate at the time, about $250,000. 

More recently, a big win was obtained in an action game called Solomon Go, based on the acclaimed Pokémon. Hunting Monsters, was able to win 354.24 BTC, which amounted to 1.35 million dollars.

Big wins in Ethereum

In 2017, player Nakowa made crypto casino winnings history again. This time he managed to get a jackpot of 11,000 ETH, at that time, at the exchange rate of the dollar it was about 3.5 million dollars. Nakowa's player is incredibly lucky with crypto casinos and the number 11, for the second time in history he has won 11,000 in different digital currencies. It won't be surprising if we see more of this lucky player and his achievements in the future. 

For the "WhoSoSerious?" player. 2019 was an incredibly successful year, as he managed to win 2,000 ETH in a crypto casino. And at the rate of 2019, that was $370,000. 

The year 2020 for crypto player "DreamRJ" was remembered for a successful prize in the digital currency Ethereum. It's not every day you manage to win 1,000 ETH playing in a casino. But players are lucky and this confirms that it is still possible to get not only emotions but also large jackpots of different amounts at the casino. At the rate of 2020, the winnings amounted to 180,000 dollars. 

Another anonymous player got his winnings in 2021. And this went down in history as one of the significant and largest crypto casino prizes in the last few years. Translated into dollars, the player managed to earn $8.4 million, it was a jackpot of 4.000 ETH.


Statistics do not lie and all these incredible winnings really exist in the history of crypto casinos. They are proof that casinos exist for a reason. They bring players exciting gameplay and jackpots that fundamentally change lives.

You too can try your luck and play at top crypto casinos, maybe you'll get lucky and make history too. However, be careful in the pursuit of winnings, there are always risks of losing everything in a casino.

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