Crypto Casino Affiliate Programs: How to Earn Passive Income

Casinos exist in our world for players to enjoy the gameplay and receive nice bonuses and rewards. But it is not only gambling that can be used to make money from casinos.

There are crypto-casino affiliate programs that allow you to earn money by bringing new players to the casino while having a passive income. There is more than one way that users earn passive income by not playing in the casino, but by using affiliate programs.

What is the essence of affiliate programs?

A person who acts as an affiliate is an intermediary between a potential player and a casino and receives a corresponding profit for this. Your goal is to find a player who wants to play in the casino, tell him about the benefits of your casino and give him the link to register an account.

As a result, going specifically to your link, the player will register and become your referral. You will receive a commission each time the player performs certain actions. This is how a passive income is achieved.

You did your job, the player actively plays, and you get a drop of interest as a partner. The more players - the more your earnings. These commissions casinos are thanking you for your cooperation and for expanding the customer base casino.

Varieties of casino affiliate programs

At the moment, there are several basic types of affiliate programs that you can pay attention to. Consider 4 types of affiliate programs and the differences between them:

  1. Revenue Share is the most popular type of crypto casino affiliate program. You, as an affiliate casino, get a commission from deposits of players, who became your referrals. Depending on the affiliate company and the casino you choose, the percentages may be different. 
  2. Cost Per Acquisition - A type of partnership where you get a fixed profit, not a percentage. And the reward will be paid to you for certain actions of the player. For example, registration and activity or again a deposit. If you attract big casino players, this type of partnership is quite popular and has a high benefit specifically for the casino. 
  3. Hydrid Deals is a variant of the mixed partnership program. In this type of partnership, you get a combined profit. For example, it can be a mixture of the first two types of partnerships, where a percentage of deposits and fixed profit. Thanks to such affiliate programs, you as an affiliate can receive rewards on a longer-term basis.
  4. Sub-Affiliate is an affiliate program, which allows you to build a pyramid and earn profits from other affiliates, who were invited thanks to you, and plus earn income from the attracted casino players.

On the Internet, you can meet other types of affiliate programs, which will differ in terms of cooperation and remuneration. You can choose among them the one that suits your requirements.

How to start earning passive income

It is not a problem to join the affiliate programs of the casino. Simple actions are required of you and you will already be able to earn passive income. Initially, study the top programs that you can join as a partner and compare the terms of cooperation and type of remuneration. Choose the company that meets your requirements and sign up for it.

Next, when you are approved as an affiliate, you need to think responsibly about where and how you will recruit your interested audience. Great, if you have popularity on social networks or streaming platforms, if you have your own website, you have a channel or blog. So you can easily advertise your link and attract potential players. You can use text ads, banners, unobtrusive PR on forums and thematic sites, and much more.

Show creativity and activity, so that then as many players as possible joined you and you earn decent money from affiliate links on a regular basis.


Becoming a crypto casino partner is a great decision if you like gambling and the topic of gambling, but don't want to give in to the temptation of playing slots and table games. You are in an interesting niche for you, but you do not lose money on bets, hoping to break the big score, and steadily receive income from the players.

Everyone can make money this way, so it's time for you to try it too. If you've always wanted to be a casino partner, but something stopped you or you didn't know how it worked, now is your finest hour. Don't miss your opportunity.

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