Comparisons between crypto casinos and traditional fiat casinos

In modern times, casinos and gambling have become so accessible that you can play from anywhere in the world without any difficulties. The main thing is to have access to the Internet, and then you open the door to any casino website. 

Get the winnings and unforgettable emotions possible in conventional online casinos, as well as in cryptocurrency casinos. These two types of casinos are similar in many respects, they offer bonuses and interesting games, but if you go a little deeper, you will still notice differences between fiat and crypto casinos.

Your anonymity at the casino

Using trusted fiat casinos you can be sure that your personal information will remain reliably protected. Financial transactions will be carried out on your card or bank account without any hitches. But in any case, you will reveal your identity and data, which is required for payments between you and the casino.

In the case of cryptocurrency casinos, the anonymity here is much higher. At a minimum, when making transactions, nothing but a random set of letters and numbers of your crypto wallet will be known. All transaction details are kept secret. 

Sometimes, crypto casinos require you to verify your identity with government documents when registering to make sure you are at the right age for gambling. After verification, your data may be stored on secure servers or may be deleted altogether. But there are also casinos where you don't have to prove your identity and the casino doesn't limit your activities on the site. In this case, you remain completely anonymous online and between your transactions.

Monetary unit

Of course, the most obvious difference will be the currency used for betting and all financial transfers. 

Fiat casinos focus on the dollar, but you can also meet other currencies such as euros, pounds, and others. Depends on the country the casino is based in. 

Cryptocurrency casinos give you the opportunity to choose between several popular coins. These will be Bitcoin, most commonly Litecoin and Ethereum or Dogecoin. Also, if you are used to sticking to the dollar, crypto casinos will also give you that option. The only difference will be the need to use exactly the crypto dollar, such as Tether in the TRC20 network or any other network that will be most convenient for you. 

If you have never encountered different networks in cryptocurrency, the difference between them is the commission and the speed of processing your request.

Transaction speed

Nowadays, the speed is very valuable and that is why crypto casino wins in this case. There is an explanation and it is called blockchain technology. 

Blockchain gives a lot of new and fast opportunities for cryptocurrency transactions and stable operation of systems and databases. Therefore, it won't take much time to process all the transaction steps. 

Unlike cryptocurrency and blockchain, regular casinos will take much longer to deposit and withdraw your money from your account, since all financial transactions go through intermediaries. Be it electronic wallets or card transfers, behind which there is an intermediary in the form of a government agency, i.e. a bank, which regulates your payments and controls all information about them. So you lose not only the speed of financial transactions but also your anonymity. 

In a clear comparison, based on our personal experience - cryptocurrency deposits took up to 10 minutes of time, and deposits from a bank card had to wait up to 3-5 days, depending on the bank.

Transparency and high odds

Since crypto casinos use blockchain technology and proven algorithms, you can check any game for payout integrity at any time. To verify the honesty of slots in a regular casino, it is necessary to conduct third-party checks. In this case, a casino with cryptocurrency bets is much more trustworthy for clients. 

Also, observing a lot of slots in fiat casinos and crypto casinos, you can easily conclude that crypto slots have a 0.5% to 2% advantage over the player, and this significantly increases your chances of winning. 

Final words

After reading in detail the differences between the two types of casinos, you can easily choose to go with one or the other, depending on what your intentions and expectations for the casino are. There are pros as well as cons to both, so the choice is yours and may fortune be on your side.

In regular casinos, on the other hand, there is no such percentage advantage indicator, and there is a casino margin of 3% to 15% as a substitute. This figure depends on the casino and the game you play.

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