A deep dive into the technology behind provably fair gaming

Many players are at least once worried about the honesty of slot machines and their transparency. Until very recently, casinos did not have the function of provable honesty and players could only rely on the conscience of the casino and third-party evaluations to be at least somewhat confident that the game was not rigged.

But of course, this did not provide a 100% guarantee and players could still question the honesty of the slot. Especially, it happened to those players who were often unlucky with their winnings.

Proven honesty - what is it?

In simple words, the technology of provable integrity is an algorithm that is based on blockchain. And it exists purposely for the players to be able to verify the games. This technology has an open code, which is why anyone can check the honesty, and it is difficult for all sorts of cheaters to tweak and manipulate the results and make dishonest money on the players.  

Often this technology is found exactly in crypto casinos, but there are also exceptions when you can check the honesty of a slot in a regular fiat online casino. With the popularization of cryptocurrency, new technologies are also developing, so it is worth understanding how this technology is arranged. To get the result of the game, a hash must be generated from the data of 4 random participants of the round.

To generate a merged hash, when the round starts, the game takes the initial number of the server with the initial numbers of 3 clients. It is after that you get the result of provable fairness. Since the calculation comes from random numbers, faking the results or influencing them will be extremely problematic, if not impossible.

The Technology Algorithm

The algorithm itself is quite complicated and requires some depth to understand it. The technology creates a unique key (server seed), which contains the result of the game before it starts. You receive this key along with another unique key and can only check the final result after your game is over. Both of these keys are stored in the blockchain and cannot be changed in any way. 

At the end of the game, you get an unencrypted version of the key (client seed), which will be used to verify your results and the randomness of the entire game. The algorithm will work in circles and calculate the result each time you start a new game.

Conventional casinos and fair casinos

It is absolutely possible to say that crypto casinos with the technology of provable honesty are several steps ahead of regular fiat casinos, where significant time and financial costs are needed to prove the transparency of the casino.

After all, in order for a regular casino to have no problems, it is necessary to engage in third-party audits or to ask for auditing services. And the certification and random number generation in slots and other categories of games require the involvement of independent bodies, which makes the process not simple and expensive. 

On the other hand, in the crypto casino with obtaining treatment and any certificates, everything is much easier, because the technology of provable fairness at the casino site simplifies the whole process. And it frees online casino owners from the necessity to spend additional resources to check and confirm casino transparency the way it is done in regular casinos - through audits and independent authorities.

Checking the honesty results

At the beginning of the game, you get a unique key without a generated hash, otherwise, you would know the result of the game beforehand, and that would already be dishonest. 

To check your key at the end of the game, it is worth following two simple steps.

Action 1:

Make sure that the code you received from your online casino is genuine. Checking the key yourself will be quite difficult, so use online tools from the internet that will make it easier for you.

Action 2:

Having verified that the key is authentic, you should now proceed to check your game for honesty. For example, you can manually generate another key and compare its results with the results of your real game. But this takes extra time, and to speed up this process, you can also use the tools in the public domain.


Now that you know how blockchain technology works, you can easily check your games if they are based on blockchain technology and have the peace of mind that you are not cheated and dishonest providers are not manipulating the results to get more money from you. 

If the casino doesn't have the technology, and you can't check the outcome of the game by yourself, then make sure that you have the necessary licenses and certificates from your casino so that you can be confident. Don't let your guard down and then you won't go wrong with your online casino.

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